Thinking about the Future of Urban Transportation

We started from foot traffic. Cities were great for that because they shrank the distances between places and people.

Since then, we have introduced horses, horse and carriage,  horse drawn public conveyances, bicycles, subways, individually owned motor cars, taxis, buses, and helicopters. We are about to automate things and are likely to see driverless motor transport and perhaps drones.

In other words, we have given quite a lot of attention over the years to how to get from point A to point B in a city. And it was not that long ago that we moved away from dirt streets to paved streets and sidewalks.

Have we reached nirvana yet? It appears not. We have figured out how to make transport very easy for individuals. But our success has led to incredible congestion and pollution. In other words, our traffic systems are not what they need to be in order to sustain further growth of cities.

So what is the answer? One answer may be more bicycles. At leat that is the current trend. CityLab offers an overview of why that looks attractive. This is the first post in a series.

And what if bikes could actually absorb and dispose of smog? Hmmm … interesting idea.


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