Living the Heroic Story of Agent 40 in Mosul

It started like this

Agent 40 … worked as a taxi driver (in Mosul) during the Islamic State occupation … . Beginning in 2015, he wrote detailed reports that helped the coalition destroy 14 major targets, including a meeting of Islamic State leaders, a militant court, and several car bomb assembly plants.

Agent 40 was very brave and very clever. In his own words

If I saw many nice cars in some position, I would park nearby, walk around, and see,” he said. “Sometimes I’d pick up some passengers who would tell me what was going on.”

Occasionally he drove militants and overheard their conversations.

The information that he provided led to the deaths of perhaps 87 ISIS fighters and high officials.  But …

Islamic State fighters conducted a surprise inspection of Agent 40’s house and found his wife using a forbidden phone. They waited for him to return and then promptly arrested him, beat him, and shoved him in a cell with seven other men. After they went through the phone and saw the videos he took, they sentenced him to execution.

Things were looking very grim

As he sat there waiting to die, the building quaked, and one of the walls exploded into pieces from an airstrike on an adjacent building. Through the smoke, Agent 40 saw four Islamic State bodies sprawled on the ground. He and six fellow prisoners made their escape through the hole caused by the airstrike — he believes the eighth prisoner was killed.

This is just one of the brave men and women in Mosul fighting as volunteers against ISIS.

They deserve our respect.

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