You Didn’t Need a Home computer and You Won’t Need a Home Power Pack — But

Whether Elon Musk ultimately succeeds or not, you have to give the guy credit for opening up new markets.   The latest is to link up home power generation with electric cars. If the technology weren’t so expensive, it might make sense – collect the rays from the sun, turn that into electricity, store the electricity in a power pack, and charge your car while you sip a martini.  No more worries about the cost of transport energy.

Of course, the technology is not cheap – at least not yet. But the idea is good enough that it is attracting competing systems. And not from fringe players. Mercedes is now in the game.

That is good news for the rest of us. Whether we plunk down a huge amount of hard earned cash or not, the competition will speed up the evolution of the products and drive prices down and quality up

So when will GM and Ford get into this game? I suspect they will be late in. We are more likely to see the the Japanese and Koreans in there first.

Let the games behin!


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