Thinking about Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes was one of the most controversial figures of the late 20th century in the United States. He co-founded Fox News and was the force behind its meteoric rise to prominence. The man knew something that a lot of people did not. And he just passed on.

So what did he know? Ailes had an intuitive sense that TV was about connection, not explanation. At the opposite end of the spectrum from Ailes you get folks like Bill Moyers.  Whether you like or agree with Bill or not, you know that Bill is all about explaining stuff. He tries to get deeply into a story. Ailes had no interest in that. Instead of getting deepöly into a story, Ailes wanted to use stories to connect with a target group.To tell them what they wanted to hear.  Call it propaganda. Call it whatever you want. But under Ailes, Fox connected with specific target groups. and empowered those groups.

We are starting to catch up to what Roger was doing. We are starting to realize that connection matters. And we are starting to get better at it. But Roger beat a lot of us to the punch. And if you disagreed with his politics, that was very frustrating.


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