Setting Aside the Other Stuff, Trump is a Lousy President

This post is not about the various scandals floating around the Trumpster. They are concerning, but there is another thing that we should not forget.

The presidency of the United States is an administrative job. That is why we say that the president is in charge of the “executive” branch of government.  The job is to execute the will of Congress on behalf of the American people.  Congress makes the laws, and the president executes them.

So how is Trump doing as head of the executive branch? Well consider this

Hundreds of key posts at the Department of Defense and the State Department remain unfilled heading into the fifth month of Donald Trump’s presidency because of his insistence on personally approving all top hires. And the hiring crunch started before the most recent stretch of controversy that began with Trump firing the FBI director while the bureau was investigating the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia and was followed by an Oval Office meeting last week with Russian officials during which Trump reportedly revealed highly classified information. Then Tuesday came the multiple reports that Trump had asked FBI Director James Comey to end his investigation of Michael Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser.

In other words, if Trump had a board of directors to report to in the private sector, they might be considering firing the dude for not running the company.  Not because of scandal, but because he is doing a crappy job. Contrast this, btw, with Trump’s repeated promises during the campaign that he would bring in the best people around and that he would run a highly professional administration. Obama did that. Trump is not.

So what is the problem? Trump appears to be obsessed with loyalty issues. Kings and dictators worry about that stuff. But administrators who are obsessed by loyalty issues tend to be lousy administrators. Why?  Fighting about loyalty is a huge distraction from getting stuff done that needs to get done.

So even if you are a Trump supporter (poor you!), you might ask whether allowing this to continue is a good idea. This particular dude is demonstrating that he not up to the job.


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