Now We Know Why Trump Canned Comey

Dark, dark clouds are swirling over the White House, and every day seems to bring us a new scandal that darkens the clouds further.

We have not yet digested the thought that the president would invite the Russian foreign minister and ambassador the US into the oval office.  Not to tell them to keep their grubby little fingers out of our national politics and elections. But to have a smiling chit chat.

And we have not yet digested that the president did this without telling the press. We only know about it because the Russians brought a cameraman with them. Bad idea – letting a Russian cameraman into the oval office! Not to worry, the White House staff say that they were tricked into allowing it. Huh?

And we have not yet digested that during this nefarious meeting, Trump revealed top-secret information to the Russians – intel that we got from a partner country (apparently Israel) in violation of that info sharing agreement. That directly endangers national security by making it less likely that we get this kind of shared intel.

That is all old news. Today we learn that after he fired Mike Flynn as head of the NSA — you remember, the guy who was a paid foreign agent and who had the most sensitive intelligence position in the executive branch  — the president asked the head of the FBI to stop investigating Flynn. A direct intervention into the business of the FBI. And if Comey had gone along with it, a way to block further investigation into the Trump campaign ties to Russia.

How do we know? Comey kept a memo of Trump’s interference in FBI matters. Can you spell “smoking gun”?

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Holy Mary, mother of God!

How long can this go on?

Well, it goes on. The NYT reports that Trump also wanted Comey to jail reporters that publish leaked classified info. Errr … that would be in violation of constitutional protections to the press as per Supreme Court decision. Perhaps a call to Gorsuch could change that?


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