It’s Follow the Money Time for Trump Investigators

You often hear that in order to get to the bottom of political scandal you should “follow the money”. The money trail does not lie and it generally leads you to where the action is.

In Donald Trump’s case, the question is where HIS CAPITAL comes from. This is critical because Trump has needed lots and lots of money to buy real estate. After his bankruptcy where he screwed his creditors, he was not going to get that volume of money from US banks. So he got it somewhere else.

This simple fact is why one needs to know more about his relationships with Russian creditors. It is not important whether he gets income from Russia (the focus of his lawyer’s letter) or whether he owns property in Russia (the focus of his comments to Lester Holt). It is where he got the cash (think of it as jet fuel) that has kept Trump Enterprises flying.

Lester Holt asked this question

Can you tell us whether you, your family, your businesses, your surrogates have accepted any investments, any loans from Russian individuals or institutions?

and Trump answered this way (in relevant part)

I have no investments in Russia, none whatsoever. I don’t have property in Russia. A lot of people thought I owned office buildings in Moscow. I don’t have property in Russia, and I am in very, I mean it, in total compliance in every way.

Ooops! Did you catch the deflection?

Stay tuned!


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