The Value of Independent Views and Exploration

Greg Satell has a nice piece about Charles Darwin today.

Charles Darwin? Is he news?

Well, not current news. But Darwin made incredible news with his scientific research and theories about why evolution occurred. Notice – Darwin did not discover evolution. Other scientists were already talking about that. Darwin was interested in the mechanisms by which it took place – most notably, natural selection.

It is an interesting story – and I recommend the post. Most interesting for me is the way in which Darwin come up with his hypothesis. He was not a great student. But he was good at seeing things. And he saw things when he went out to explore the wide world.

Darwin did not know what he would find — and perhaps it would be nothing. In that sense, his voyage had a strategic learning component, rather than a “proof of concept”  intention.

This is interesting because you do not find so many people these days who would say that their career is based on exploration and strategic learning. We all seemed to be locked into frameworks.

Am I wrong?


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