Ina Garten’s Great TV Rec

Ina is pretty organized. Here is her shopping list

ina garten grocery list

I do not go to those lengths. Then again, I am not a famous cookbook writer and TV host either. But I did get some ideas from checking out Ina’s schedule. 

And this caught my eye

After soup (on Sunday evening), we watched 60 Minutes, which is stunningly good, and followed that with some sort of TV series. Right now it’s a French show called Un village français, translated to A French Village in English. It takes place in 1939 in a fictitious town on the border of Vichy France, and German-occupied France. It’s all the people and what they do to survive: collaborationists against the wits, the resistance, and the communists. It’s just unbelievably good and we bought all the seasons on DVD on Amazon. We just finished the fourth season, so we just have five and six to go. Hopefully they’ll hurry up and do the seventh season!

I will have to check that out!


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