Did Trump Just Declare War on the FBI?

Events are unfolding rather quickly after Donald Trump sacked Jim Comey.

One of the things unfolding is the rationale for the action.  Trump said that he acted on recommendations from the Justice Department. that criticized Comey for the way he handled the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Baloney.

Reports are coming out that it was Trump himself who got the ball rolling. Even his deputy press secretary admitted the other day that Trump had been mulling this over for a while. In other words, this was not lawyers complaining to Trump. It was Trump complaining to lawyers that got this going.

A note for the future. The lawyer involved — recently appointed deputy attorney general Rosenstein —  is apparently not happy that Trump tried to pin this all on him.  No wonder. He is getting heat for providing the fig leaf that Trump used to try to distance himself from the controversy. Let’s see what Rosenstein has to say about it all when he writes his book.

And what was Trump upset about?  We do not need Sherlock Holmes to come up with reasons. And they have nothing to do with Hillary Clinton.

The narrative emerging from sources cited by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Post on Wednesday described Trump as having grown increasingly angry with Comey, who was the most visible US official in ongoing investigations of potential collusion between Trump associates and Russia.

Increasingly angry? About what?

“To a president obsessed with loyalty, Mr. Comey was a rogue operator who could not be trusted as the FBI investigated Russian ties to Mr. Trump’s campaign,” The Times reported.

Comey gave explosive testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, offering broad themes of some of the FBI’s work in the Trump-Russia investigation. During that testimony, Comey also said that it made him “mildly nauseous” knowing that his handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe last year may have had an impact on the US presidential election.

That admission, The Times said, set Trump off: “Mr. Trump burned as he watched, convinced that Mr. Comey was grandstanding.” The president reportedly took Comey’s remark as a slight against his November electoral victory.

This is a far cry from the picture that Trump painted; calmly accepting recommendations from Mr. Rosenstein and Sessions (who btw, was supposed not to be involved in this anyway).  It is a picture of a dude who is not fully in control of his emotions. And it is a picture of a dude who is obstructing justice – an impeachable offense.

Dumb move Donald.  Oh, and btw, how do you think the FBI agents who are investigating Trump will feel now? I do not think that Trump bought their loyalty. To the contrary, I would expect them to bring renewed energy to their digging.

Stay tuned!


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