Apple’s Next big Bet?

We have heard from more than one market participant that the smartphone era will come to an end. Smartphones will be less interesting when AI powered bots can do what smartphones do but better.

That may be true. So what is Apple doing about it? Apple is a really, really, really big company.

Apple is so huge that (new) markets need to be in the multiple billions of dollars, otherwise there is no point. (Apple Watch, for instance, is the biggest wearable tech device on the planet and yet inside Apple’s universe it has barely moved the needle.)

So it is likely that Apple is thinking big. How big? How about a market of $5 trillion?  That would do. And what market is that? Transportation.

Not manufacturing cars. But taking over the transportation experience.

If the cars of the future are driverless, what will we do inside them as they ferry us around? We will need entertainment, communications, and work productivity apps to keep us occupied. Apple already does those on its other devices. The car itself will need navigation information, WiFi, broadband connectivity, and probably its own operating system. Apple already does those, too.

Hmmm … interesting. Stay tuned!


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