More on Trump the Negotiator Without a Clue

One of the qualifications that Donald Trump claimed for becoming president was his negotiation skill set. He wrote the book, didn’t he? Err  …  in fact, the book was ghost written but ok.  You got the point.

So it is not beyond the pale to grade president Trump on his negotiations as president. The latest revolves around this question — could Trump have negotiated his way out of the Trump/rRussia investigations

As a negotiator, I would argue that this might have been possible for a person with high level strategic and negotiating skills. Trump had certain advantages to forge new relationships in Washington that might have made these investigations looks like a side show.  The way to do this would have been to work to strengthen the republican majorities in Congress. The more comfortable senators and representatives feel about the next election cycle, the more they will protect and defend the president.

Did Trump accompölish this? No.  Instead of working to build joint credibility, Trump launched into highly risky projects that have embarrassed his potential allies. This is a major negotiating booboo.

This is not a highly nuanced analysis. It is basic stuff that Trump has failed So let’s ditch the idea that Trump has any clue what negotiation is about.  He is a con man. Nothing more.


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