Home Assistant Wars – Stage One

Alexa, Google Assitant, Siri and Cortana have now been around for a while. They are no longer just novelty items, but they are not yet ubiquitous. Sort of like the early days when cell phones looked like bricks, had very short battery lives and limited calling range.

As this fun and short video shows, there are differences in how well home assistants can help answer questions. But focusing on those differences obscures the underlying trend. That trend is to transcend search.

BTW, I remember when Yahoo introduced its search engine. It was a cool idea – to try to organize the web. Google, of course, won that contest with a much better service and then brilliantly monetized its victory with ad revenue.That is where we still are today. Google search is still pretty much state of the art in connecting us to information that we are looking for.

With AI empowered bots, you won’t need to type in search requests in order to find out something. And you won’t be stuck with a single or multiple strings of keyboard generated searches to research a topic. Keyboard search will look very quaint indeed when you can accomplish better results by asking questions to your home assistant.

The conversations between you and your home assistants will grow ever more nuanced. Not just between you and your home assistants. Also between your home assistants and the myriad of other bots that want to connect with you through it.

We are now just beginning to move beyond the keyboard as the main interface between us and the digital world. Project yourself 25 years forward and imagine what those interfaces might look like and the various services that they may provide.

If you are not quite sure how this will look, consider that in the past, rich folks already had this type of service. They had staffs of servants who did all of the above tasks for them. Butlers, footmen, etc. Now those staffs of servants will be available in digital form via the web.

Stay tuned!



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