A New Business Model for Food Shopping?

I have heard endless complaining from retailers that online shopping is eating their lunch. At the same time, I have not seen a lot of innovation in retail either. Those that have embraced innovation — like fast fashion purveyors — have actually gained market share.  So it makes you wonder. Is it time for retailers to get innovative?

Some are — Jet.com is an online retailer that Walmart bought a while back for $3 billion. here is the idea

From May 10 to June 18, Jet will have a food-themed concept shop in Manhattan which showcases artisanal accessories, cookbooks, and kitchen appliances. Most of the items are pretty quirky, like face masks made from tomatoes, kale-flavored chocolate bars, socks with ice cream prints, and banana-shaped flasks.

The Jet experience comes to life at Story, a 5-year-old retail space that changes its products, decor, and events programming about every month based on its particular sponsor. For the next six weeks, the sponsor is Jet, where people can also find most of the store’s items.

The larger goal of the temporary store is to raise awareness around Jet’s grocery delivery service, Sumaiya Balbale, Jet’s VP of marketing, tells Business Insider.

Creating experiences in shops is one of the new ideas for bricks and mortar stores to complete. We are going to see a lot more of this.

Stay tuned!



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