What is Wrong with Political Parties?

So Macron has won and France has declared defiantly that it will not go the far right route. Putin’s digital pranksters were not a factor. All good news at a time when we are in need of some good news.

Just behind the scenes is another bit of news. Macron won without affiliating with a major political party. Looking back on the US election, Sanders gained popularity without being a democrat.  And while Trump ran as a republican, he felt free to distance himself from republican party positions and politics as needed.

In other words, something is going on with political parties. They are not driving the vote they way that one might expect professional political organizations to do. Voters seem ready to look elsewhere for inspiration.

If this is so — and as with all things political, it is debatable — I think I may know why.   Just ask, which political party is steadfastly committed to building the future for our kids?  For example, it is beyond peradventure that cities will play a key role in shaping the future. Which party has a coherent cities policy? Ditto for science and technology.

Al Wenger may be right. It may be time for a new type of party to arise that commits to better future thinking.

What do you think?


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