Putin the Tactician – Not Strategist

David Rothkopf hit the nail on the head last night in his comments to Lawrence O’Donnell.

Putin’s transparent efforts to hack western democratic elections have not weakened Europe. To the contrary,  Europeans have seen what happened in the US and are binding more closely together against this unwanted influence.

The key point — Putin is a tactician and not a strategist. He came upon a new tactic and employed it without thinking carefully about the results that the tactics would likely cause. Russia will be more isolated than ever. Trump will be unable to help him.

Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Putin the Tactician – Not Strategist”

  1. Good analysis. Not sure Trump wants to help Putin — Trump certainly wants to help himself principally.

  2. Thanks! Let’s hope that you are right and there is nothing between Trump and Putin. But there are some deeply troubling questions. And now that Trump has canned Comey, one has to wonder if we will get the answers.

  3. Firing Comey should help to get answers actually. Replacing Comey cannot shut down the Russia investigation. As you said in the blog above, this leaves Trump and his admin wide open. More and more pressure for a special prosecutor. And pressure on Senate republicans to tilt toward investigating.

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