Portrait of the Artists as a Young Dishwasher

Dan Hunter has a new cookbook out where he shares his life experiences working in restaurants. It all got started this way

For money, at around the age of 19, I got a job as a kitchen hand. I was on the dole at this stage—you could live on it at that time if your standards weren’t too high. Share houses, $2 kebabs on a Tuesday, dollar pots (cheap glasses of beer), smoking weed, that type of stuff. The first day I worked in a kitchen was memorable. It was upbeat, there was the feeling of being a team—something I’ve liked ever since about kitchens and could relate to immediately. And people, refreshingly, were being themselves: tatts, piercings, long-haired guys, swearing at each other and a mixed-sex environment, not just blokes. Then the other side, the dining room, was buzzing but orderly and, of course, with everyone sitting around tables, eating, drinking, talking and just enjoying themselves.

That doesn’t  sound at all bad!


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