Lost Your Passport on the Øresund Bridge?

That would have been a problem just a while back. The bridge is very long

Image result for Øresund Bridge

It connects Copenhagen with Malmö, _And you needed to get through passport checks on both sides. But good news!

A group of Swedish and Danish commuters can breathe a collective sigh of relief this week. After 15 long months, Sweden decided Tuesday it will stop checking identification for people crossing the Øresund Bridge, which links Copenhagen with the Swedish city of Malmö. Passengers can once again travel to Sweden from the Danish capital without going through the rigmarole of disembarking for laborious ID checks, a process that could easily double the travel time between the two cities from 30 minutes to an hour.

The problem was refugee control. But that particular problem has subsided and passport controls are gone. The two cities (Copenhagen and Malmö) can think again about how to connect.


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