Berlin to Google: Not Every Hipster runs a Startup

Google and other tech giants have an agenda beyond just making money on their core products and services. That agenda is to promote the fusion of starting up new ventures with being cool. The reason is simple. Being cool opens the door to younger generations. Not being cool means that you start looking like … errr … a calbe company?

As part of this agenda, Google finances “Google Campuses” in several major cities, including London, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Warsaw, Sao Paulo, and Madrid. And Google wants to open a new campus in Berlin.

It is a natural, right? Well, not so fast. Google wants to open this campus in a district of Berlin called “Kreuzberg.” And the residents of Kreusberg are not sure if they want such a development. Kreuzberg, you see, is much hiupper than Google. And hipsters in Kreuzberg are concerned that a Google campus might start driving them out by raising rents.  Moreover,, they are concerned that a Google campus makes Kreuzberg less cool.

What! The fusion of cool and tech could be broken! That would be something.


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