A Hiccup in Roof-top Solar!

The solar panel installation business sucks these days. Most of the “first in” market has been combed over, and the hard sell tactics to get others to join in is pissing people off.  First quarter results across the board have been lousy.

And that goes for Elon Musk’s solar city as well.  Solar City posted a 40% dropü in installations in the first quarter. Wow!

What to make of this? Clearly, the wild days of unlimited growth are at least temporarily over.  We are in a different market now. And in this less surging market, we have excess capacity. Does that mean the end of rooftop solar? Of course not.  It does mean the end of this frothy initial phase of adoption. My guess is that we are still waiting for the “killer product” that will make rooftop solar ubiquitous.

Will it be Musk’s solar roofs? Perhaps. Or perhaps we will see something even better!

Stay tuned!



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