London: The End of the Johnson Era

That would be Boris Johnson, not Dr. Johnson.

Boris became Lord Mayor of London back in 2008, and he was, shall we say, a bit different. Boris loved splashy projects that made news.  Boris thought that they symbolized a renewed sense of dynamism. His detractors argued that they were just silly.

One of the projects was the so-called garden bride. The idea was to build a bridge that had no real transport function. It would just be there to allow strolling. Ah well, the City, under a new mayor, has declined to commit to the annual upkeep costs and the project will now most certainly die.

Feargus O’Sullivan writes for CityLab that this is the end of an era of excess.  Perhaps not unlike the sober period when the bills for the Napoleonic adventure came due and even the Prince Regent felt the pinch a bit. When time came for a monument to Wellington’s great victory at Waterloo, London got a bridge.  A working bridge.


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