Is Tartu Sold Out of Fat Balls?

Indeed! I have been to three different stores today and none of them have any fat balls on offer. What to do?

Hmmm … you might be wondering why anyone in their right mind might be searching for fat balls. Fair enough. You are obviously not attuned to the rhythms of nature!

I have become more attuned to the rhythms of nature since living with an orchard of apple trees. 14 at last count. And there are two cherry trees, three or four plum trees, and several other fruit providing growths. These produce an explosion of fruit each summer. And along with the explosion of fruit, an explosion of creepy crawlers that enjoy nothing more than devouring what is rightfully mine! There are few things worse than wormy apples!

There is a solution. Little birds love to eat these bugs and such. But normally there are not enough of them after the harsh winter. And so, I have become a source of food – providing fat balls that dangle from tree branches. in metal dispensers.

The system works like a dream. Last year, my apples were the talk of the town. Well, ok. That is an exaggeration. My ex-wife did comment on them anyway. And I have kept it up.

Until today. There are no fat balls to be found! And as I look out the winder, a small army of tiny birds stare back at me, wondering if they have in some way offended.

This cannot stand! Stay tuned!


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