Why did Silicon Valley Take off?

You might not recall, but not too long ago, Boston had an edge when it came to tech startups. But that edge moved to Silicon Valley.  Why? Fred Wilson writes

The entrepreneur oriented mindset that firms like Kleiner Perkins brought to the VC business is why Silicon Valley emerged as the best place in the world to do startups. And being too financially oriented is why Boston failed to keep pace with Silicon Valley in the 70s and 80s.

VC’s who thought like business folks rather than financial folks won the day.,  Silicon Valley changed the dialectic between the two sectors.

BTW, we are seeing a similar change happening between entrepreneurs and researchers. Now researchers are complaining that they don’t get enough work from the private sector. Entrepreneurs complain that research is often not oriented to developing new products or services.  There is a gap and I think this gap will start to close with facilitation.

Stay tuned!


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