In the Mood for a Spy Story?

Bruce Lockart was a British diplomat who was sent into Moscow just after the October revolution   There he teamed up with Sidney Reilly.

It was Lockart’s son (who confusingly had the same name as his father) who wrote the Reilly: Ace of Spies book. The Lockhart son then authored another book entitled “Reilly: The First Man“. In that book, Lockhart speculates that Reilly may not have been shot by Stalin at all. He may have defected.

The book starts off this way

One day, in the hot Moscow summer of 1918, a group of men assembled in a dingy basement flat. Among them was Dmitrievich Kalamatiano, an American of Greco-.Russian origins, who was head of U.S. Secret Intelligence in Russia.  Also present were Colonel Henri de Vertement, head of the French Secret Service, and other agents of the Western allies. Britain’s master spy, Sidney Reilly,  chaired the meeting. The i’s were being dotted and the t’s were being crossed to Reily’s intricate plan to overthrow Lenin and his Bolshevik henchmen who had seized power in Russia.

As we know, the plot never unfolded because an assassination attempt on Lenin triggered mass arrests.  Reilly escaped and disappeared for a time. Lockhart and Kalamatiaano were not so lucky.

If you are looking for a fun read – check out Reilly: The First Man. And did Reilly actually defect?  Lockhart tries very hard to make the case. And there are tantalizing hints, but no direct evidence. As you would expect from a great spy story!


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