Will Tesla’s Solar Roof Work?

One of the things you have to like about Elon Musk – he is not afraid to take big leaps forward. He did that with the Tesla sports car, the SpaceX reusable rocket, the Tesla house battery pack and now the solar roof. I left out the hyperloop because others are making this happen.

The solar roof is not out yet, and there is some question whether it will come out. Musk recently announced that there would be a delay. I am not one of those doubters.

Musk has proven again and again that he can translate ideas into design and production. But even if you set aside Musk’s track record, the idea makes sense. Roofing materials are very old fashioned. Upgrading them so that they are multipurpose is brilliant.

So I will be sticking with this story and waiting for an Estonian Tesla roof installation service. Stay tuned!


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