Trump’s Negotiating Skills Assessed after 100 Days

Donald Trump claims to be a master negotiator. If he is, this should have become evident in his first 100 days as president. So what can we say?

Perhaps the most basic step negotiators take is to establish credibility. Without credibility, no one will listen t  you. Donald has been caught out more than once, and more than twice in false statements ( for example, how Obama wiretapped him at Trump Towers). As bad, he has given the impression that he is not competent to do the job.  This is being translated into signals that fewer people are taking him seriously.  Sorry dude. You fail here.

The next standard that I would suggest is the ability to shape the agenda. Master negotiators are able to get the conversation anchored on the issues that most benefit their agenda. Donald made big, big claims during the campaign that he would do this “from day one”. In fact, the opposite has happened. As we go forward, the agenda is being shaped by outside forces. Donald is reacting. Sorry dude, you fail here too.

The third standard I would suggest is to find the leverage. Leverage is what moves people to decision. Donald has tried to do this on several occasions with threats. But in each case, his threats have proved to be empty. He has failed to find leverage on immigration, Trumpcare, and tax reform. O for 3 dude.

You get the idea. It is not pretty.



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