How Smart is the Smartest Machine?

There is a huge amount of buzz about artificial intelligence (AI) these days. I am caught up in it too, chatting about how to incorporate AI into gaming and factory machine management. The reasons are obvious. Smarter machines could add tremendous value.  They could revolutionize how we do things.

But how smart are the smartest machines right now?  Gary Marcus

is a research psychologist whose work focuses on language, biology, and the mind. Marcus is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at New York University and Director of the NYU Infant Language Center

He points out in his TEDx talk that while progress has been made in how machines can perceive data, we are far from making machines “intelligent”.  If achieving that is like getting to the moon, we are still just building better ladders that can take us a few feet higher from ground level.

That is a good reality check.


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