The Sobering Truth About Trump and the Media

I will not go into my usual rant about what a blowhard Donald Trump is. I have done it before and will do it again. But today, I have a different bone to pick: it is how the media covers Trump and the Trumpsters.

Hadley Freeman is right on!

Some news organisations still struggle to understand that words that sound judgmental can also be the objective truth. So we get phrases like “President Trump entertained dignitaries at Mar-a-Lago” instead of “President Trump forced some high-ranking politicians to come to his shoddy golf club and rambled at them incoherently”, or “President Trump made a strong and surprising announcement yesterday”, for which read, “President Trump tweeted something so deranged yesterday even your racist uncle thought he might have gone a bit far.” (emphasis added)

Why is the media so vanilla when it comes to such an important issue? Partly it is out of habit. Presidents have always been treated as if they are saying consequential stuff even when they are full of it. Part of it is out of hope. Some in the media still hope that something interesting might come out of the Trump versus the world political nightmare that we are living. So they play up the possibility that Trump is capable of doing interesting stuff and they hope.

My own view is that the public should send the media and their representatives a message. We are really, really tired of the mendacity and bull shit. And we are only 100 days into this farce.

And if we do not? If we do not, Trump and his merry band will continue to degrade the public dialogue with nonsense and mendacity. We will sink deeper and deeper into a morass. And the deeper we sink, the more difficult it will be to get out of it.

An example?`Trump and North Korea.Are we headed for conflict or will this all blow over?

Here is how an expert assesses what Trump is doing

“Beats the fuck out of me,” says Joshua Pollack, a North Korea expert at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies.

And what is the Trump administration saying?

 As far as we can tell, the Trump administration is still pursuing the Obama administration’s approach to North Korea — while trashing it publicly and making aggressive-sounding noises about confronting Pyongyang. Cut through the rough of the past few days, and that one fact shines through like a diamond.

In other words, the Trumpsterss are completely devoid of ideas, and they are full of bull shit. And this is the pattern we see just about everywhere. No ideas. Just baloney.

Some hope that this will all pass. They hope that we will get back to normal after the republicans take a beating at the polls. My view — that will not happen unless folks push for that outcome. We need to demand more, not just from Trump and the republican party, but from the media as well.  Where we are not is just unacceptable. from any perspective.


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