Sixers Lore: Dario Diaries

Let’s face it. The NBA game of basketball can get boring when the players do not show “fire in the belly”. And why should they? These guys are so athletically gifted, they can put it on cruise control.  So when you see a player who plays with passion — even if that player is not the most gifted athlete around — it gets fun again.

That was what made it fun to watch Bird. And while I do not want to make immediate comparisons between the two, that is what is fun about watching Dario Saric play. His passion for winning made last season almost bearable, even after Simmons and Embiid went down.

So here is the thing. What about next year? Will Dario fit in? My own take is that he has to. Even if it is off the bench. We need his passion.

What do you think?


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