Iphone Tricks

A friend of mine is trying to decide whether to buy an iPhone or a Samsung android based phone and asked me a few questions.  I have been using an iPhone for a while and like it, but surprisingly, I had no idea how to answer. Some quick googling., however, solved the problem.  Here are the two questions

Can the Iphone create icons to dial favorite phone numbers? Apparently, this is very easy to do on the Samsung.

Answer – yes – Here is how to do it.

Can you hide your apps from the display? Again, apparently, Samsung allows you to do this.

Answer – yes – Apps can be collected and hid in folders. Here is how to do it.

I will collect more tricks and pull them into a page for easy access. Stay tuned.

in the meantime, a while back, Fred Wilson (who regularly switches back and forth between android phones and Iphones) had a few comments about the differences in these systems.  I will pull up that link when I can get access to it (Fred’s site is not responding righ  now)



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