Jeremiah Tower’s Decadent Last Meal

The great chef, and perhaps the first great celebrity chef would go out of this world this way

… for his last meal, he’d order: “A case of 20-year-old Salon champagne and chill it. That may kill me right there, but I’d share with some friends,” he reasons. “And Beluga caviar. Oh, I haven’t had for 30 years because unless you’re a Russian mafia billionaire you probably can’t get the real stuff anymore. I would have a kilo can of Beluga from Petrossian with hot English muffins with French butter melted on them. Then eat the caviar with a little bit of lemons from the Amalfi Coast. To finish, either the croquembouche or the baba au rhum with a gallon jug of English double cream. Certainly that would polish me off.”

I am right there with you Jeremiah!  Save some Beluga for me!


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