Teaching Adaptability

It is old news by now that our education systems are not what they should be.  Sir Ken Robinson sounded the alarm (in a polite way) back in 2006 in his TED talk.  Since then, his talk as been watched nearly 45 million times. Seth Godin offered essentially the same message in 2012 in his TEDx talk.

For over a decade, I have been waiting for someone, anyone, to defend our education systems as they are. No one has done this as far as I know.

The conclusion? Either we do not think that the education of our children is important, or so far, we have failed to address an important concern.

Is education important?  You could have made that argument with a straight face 200 years ago. But things have changed. More important, things are changing more rapidly than ever before. And young folks entering adulthood need a basic set of intellectual tools in order to cope.So, yes, education is important.

So we have failed. Is it because we do not know what to do? Robinson told us. Godin Told us. And the other day Greg Satell told us.  Moreover, I am confident that with a bit of research, I could uncover a massive pile of writing that all says the same thing. It is not because the solution is unknown. We know what to change and yet we are slow to change.

If this is true, it tells us something about ourselves. We think of ourselves as “advanced”. In fact, we have far to go before we can confidently make that claim. Perhaps folks looking back at these times — let’s say from 2117 — will smile at our foolishness.  Let’s hope so.


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