our Future with VR Entertainment

For as long as humans have been around, we have wanted to be entertained. Largely, that means being able — at least for a limited time — to walk outside of our limited experiences into a larger world. Storytellers like Homer gave us that opportunity before there were books.  Theater gave us that opportunity as well.  More recently, we get it from movies and TV. But in all of these formats, the result is the same – if we are transported beyond ourselves, we are entertained.

So how will VR affect this? The possibilities are striking because VR gives us the sensation of bing somewhere else and interacting with the things that are not actually there. If we yearn to fly, we can fly in VR space. If we yearn to fly and talk with birds, that can be arranged as well.

In this Mashable article, Adario Strange offers a few more examples of how creative folks are experimenting with VR to make this type of experience come alive.

Stay tuned for a lot more!

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