Ipad as desktop computer

Over the last year, I have been slowly — you might say, ever so slowly — upgrading my house. The problem was that the second floor had never really been renovated from the time that I bought the place back in 1997. It still had lots of Soviet era fixtures and problems. In short, it was a mess.

During renovations, I moved my office to the dining room and posted from there. Well, the work is finally nearing completion. Hooray! And it is time to move my office into new space on the second floor. For the time being, this means using my IPad as my desk computer, connected through a Bluetooth keyboard.

I thought I would write this quick post just to check it out. So far, so good!




2 thoughts on “Ipad as desktop computer”

  1. It is a bit limitated tool sometimes, but in general pretty good tool. I am still thinking buying the Ipad “pro” to replace my pc when travelling but after my very frustrating experience with the Ipad 2 and apple’s software update policy I am delaying it…
    Glad that the second floor is almost ready! Really light & spacious area up there.

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