Building a Creative Ecology

Let’s say that you want to do more creative stuff. And let’s assume for now that you have the time, financial resources and inspiration.

What more do you need?  I would label that “what more do I need” stuff as supplies. Supplies could include space to do your work, physical things like paint or pens and paper, as well as the supplies that enable you to upgrade your skills. Finally, it includes a community of persons with whom you can share what you do.

I lump these all together because that is how a person who is inspired to do new stuff feels the experience. And it helps that person if all of these supplies are available through a single space.

As far as I know, we don’t have very many spaces like that now. But we are moving in that direction. Etsy made it easier for creative folks to connect with audiences. And Etsy is taking another step by launching “Etsy Studio”. Fred Wilson writes about Etsy Studio today.

Think of it as one more step towards a tight-knit creative ecology. We need lots more in all of our communities, virtual and real.

Very cool!


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