We are Getting Gorsuched on the Environment!

This quote got my attention

(A) perfect storm of anti-environmental conservatism now seems poised to strike against our environmental agencies and laws with a destructive force never before seen in our modern era.

It is from a Vox article that tracks the history of republican opposition to the environmental protection movement. Part of the story relates back to Neil Gorsuch’s mom, who was head of the EPA under Reagan.

Anyone who believes that the environment needs protection should check out the article  The bottom line is this – conservative opposition to environmental protection has its roots in its strategy to win elections – labeling policies that they don’t like as “elitist”.

This is not just about the environment. It has extended beyond that to an attack against scientific method to inform policy making. Folks who think science has a place in policy making may rant and rave and howl at the moon. But that will not turn back this tide.

To do that, we need to build a counter-storyline that persuades folks that the attacks against science are a front for something ugly. And we need a voice that can deliver this sort of message to the rural voters who up until now have been duped by opportunistic types like Gingrich, Trump and others.

Can we do this? Stay tuned!


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