The Uncertain future of Cities

I use the word “uncertain” not to question whether cities will be around 100 years from now. I am confident that they will be. Instead, I use the word “uncertain” because we do not understand how to manage cities.  Richard Florida and  Ed Glaeser agree that there is a crisis at hand.

BTW, in an interview with the Guardian, Ed Glaeser gives a brilliant potted view of how cities got to where they are now.  Ed also reveals his bias that city regulation (in New York and London) has tended to overly restrict development.

But are cities part of the problem when we talk about growing inequality and social fragmentation? Florida and Glaeser offer their views. 

The key idea that comes under the microscope — in the 21st century, smartness will be rewarded more than ever before. And getting smart requires being “plugged into” conversations. Cities offer those types of “plugged in” experiences.  The question will be whether they will dominate all other locales.

My hope is that they will not. I hope that there will be great opportunities built elsewhere and not dependent on pre-fab clusters that are easily dominated by the few.

Where are we headed? Stay tuned!

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