Voices of Sanity and Inspiration

I am a big fan of the web and a huge web content consumer. That consuming produces quite a lot of the inspiration for this blog.

And I  was thinking about that. I was thinking that I may rely too much on commercially supported sources.  That is not a bad thing in itself. But it is not a great thing if my goal is to find more interesting people and great stories that are developing around the world.

And I was thinking that there may be more ways to identify voices of sanity and inspiration. I am on the hunt for this on a regular basis. And you can help me out. Who do you go to for a voice of sanity and/or inspiration?

I am very curious!


2 thoughts on “Voices of Sanity and Inspiration”

  1. go out in nature.. when i do, my thoughts wander to places i never knew they could.. or i go for a run with music blaring to keep me distracted from the pains of the voices in my muscles telling me that im dying, but, it clears my head (or so i say) of all the dusty chaotic madness and when im sleeping ill solve the mixed up jumble of queries constantly running through my millions of unconscious thoughts daily.
    think about how much the brain and mind is multitasking with billions of thoughts all coming and going in just one second of the day…multiply that to formulate the unfathomable number of things we are thinking about in just a day. so is in insane to think we can actually clear our minds?
    so i guess my sanity and inspiration comes to me unconsciously…somewhere in my thoughts, there comes a pause at a time where the insanity leaves me for a moment so that my consciousness is refreshed in order for me to organize some of the chaos. ha

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