Trump: A Win! Anything for a Win!

Donald Trump made lots and lots of promises to get elected. That is no surprise.All politicians do, and Trump is especially good at making promises.

But there is a problem. In the private sector, empty promises that result in litigation can be hushed up. You can move on to the next target. In the public sector, especially when you are the president, your every move is under the microscope. There is no escape.

And there is no escaping that Trump PROMISED that lots of stuff would happen in the first 100 days of his presidency.  “From day one … ” and you can fill in the blanks. For example, remember how he would have a report on the Russian hacking into the election within 90 days of the election? No such report is even being prepared let alone issued.

We are now nearing 100 days in office and Trump has accomplished nothing. Not a single thing.  He is becoming aware that this is a huge problem. He needs a triumph and he needs it now. But, as HuffPo reports, there are no low hanging fruits on the domestic policy agenda. Not in healthcare reform and not in tax reform, the two obvious candidates.

So what will happen? Trump will, of course, try to distract attention from this. Make up a new falsehood (like how Obama allegedly wiretapped Trump Towers)? He might try that. But that particular trick is getting a bit long in the tooth. He might try the blame game. But who will he blame? Both democrats and republicans oppose him. He has already lashed out at the press and the nation collectively yawned.  And it would be a long shot to blame illegal immigrants on his problems with Congress.

There is one more option. He might get some sort of crisis that will demand leadership.  Sadly, I am reminded that George W. Bush was in a similar position before 9/11. And boy did that change everything!

So hold on to your hats. Trump not getting a legislative triumph may start a brand new story.


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