More on Estonia’s Future

I posted the other day about this. Today I can offer a follow-up.

A big, big question that obsesses me is how can we maximize the opportunities for our kids here in Estonia to have a great future.

The first step in trying to address this type of question is to recognize that we cannot know for sure that that future will look like. For that reason is it is a strategic, rather than a planning sort of thing.

So while we cannot know for sure how this will turn out, we can ask this question — what does winning look like? And to me, it looks at least like this – kids know from an early age how they can “fit into” what is going on. They are aware of what opportunities are around and are given the best possible chance to make good decisions to realize what opportunities await. That is a major starting point. The next step is that when they make choices, they are supported by the best mentors around. In other words, we connect folks who are excelling today with folks who we hope will excel in the future.

That means connecting kids with the real world. Not just any old part of the real world, but those parts that offer them the best vision about where that real world is headed. We are taking a first step in that direction this May. It is a writing contest organized by young Kristiina Ude and her colleagues.  Here is their facebook page. Winners will be selected and prizes awarded by leading figures in Estonia. And then a nice party.

Keep in mind that this is not some sort of top-down, government funded initiative. All of the work done so far has been done by young folks trying to make a difference on a volunteer basis. And I think that they have a very cool vision. My role? I am donating matching funds for the prizes.

More on this as we go forward. Keep in mind. It is a writing contest. And it is a lot. lot more than that! It is a step towards maximizing our children’s chances for a great future.


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