Justin Anderson. Are you Working on Your Jumper?

One of the more annoying things about the Sixers season this year was the Nerlens Noel trade. I admit that I am biased on this issue. I thought that Noel was not given enough of a chance to fit into the Sixers future. And I admit that there were arguments that he should have been traded. It was the trade details that really, really smelled bad. From Liberty Ballers

In the immediate aftermath, (GM) Colangelo and the Sixers’ PR staff trade to sell the trade to fans as having bought the team a first round pick. Even a cursory inspection of the terms of the agreement showed that assertion to be laughable; Dallas had a nearly zero-percent chance of climbing into the playoffs and eclipsing the 18th pick in the draft, and their failure to do so meant Colangelo had merely secured two second round draft picks.

That’s right. The so-called first round pick that the Sixers got for Noel, the pick that Colangelo trumpeted as a victory was in fact, a PR stunt. A cheap trick. Sure the Sixers got the rights to the Mavs first round pick — but it was top 18 protected.  That insults our intelligence.

Of course, the Sixers also got Justin Anderson. Was Anderson and a few second round picks worth giving up Noel?` One thing that you can say about Anderson is that he tries. He puts out effort. Unfortunately, he has serious shortcomings as well, and they appear to be mental. The due may not be able to handle the complexities of the NBA game.  And btw, he can’t shoot from the outside.

So all we can hope for is that Anderson is practicing his jumper this summer and watching a lot of film. If he doesn’t transform into a different player, he will be gone. And that means it was Noel for 2 second round picks.

That sucks. But even worse, it tells us that Bryan Colangelo does not have a lot of respect for the Sixers fan base. And that sucks too.


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