Sixers: The Evolution of Nik Stauskas

The conventional wisdom is that Nik Stauskas has not lived up to his potential in the NBA.  The Kings picked him in the top ten because they thought he would be a bigger Seth Curry.

Well, he has not been a bigger Seth Curry. His outside shot has been erratic and he was not impacting games in other ways. Ouch! The Kings gave up on him and then he had a mediocre season with the Sixers. Some said that he had not proved that he belongs in the NBA.

Hmmm … just the type of player that would benefit from an expert in player development (think Sixer coach Brett Brown)?  Apparently so. After an improved season, folks now say that Nik is coming around. He is not yet a dominant player. But he is emerging as a useful role player – a player who can space the floor, and as such, a perfect fit with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid.

Good for Nik — -and good for Brett! We are beginning to see why Brett may be the Sixers secret weapon.


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