Mexico City and the Dynamics of Exclusion

Mexico City was discovered a while back by hipsters looking for something new. They proclaimed it as the next Berlin!

Is it? As it turns out, they refer mainly to three neighborhoods within the city – Condesa, Roma and Polanco. These neighborhoods are fantastic. They also form a relatively small part of an enormous city of 20 million people. The rest of the city is very different. It is much poorer and more difficult to live in.  And most of the hipsters visiting Mexico City don’t see that.

So what is the future for this place? Or is Mexico City evolving into two separate places – one for the affluent and well educated, and another for the poor? Sadly, it appears to be the latter.

And this may be a story that plays out on a global basis. The 21st century may offer incredible opportunities to some, but exclude many others more profoundly than ever before.


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