Trump’s Ripple Effect

One of the things that good negotiators know – “What comes around, goes around” is grounded in experience. Treat people badly, and sooner or later, it will come back to bite you.

Republicans should think about that. For years, they have cultivated an attitude that is offensive to significant segments of American voters., The surprising thing is has worked for them because it energized a politically active minority. Those folks liked that attitude and voted. Others did not.

So along comes Donald Trump. In sum, he has done the same thing, only much more so.  And we are seeing that the added vitriol that Trump injects into the political system is having ripple effects.

The effect in elections is already tangible. Democrats are enjoying a surge in special elections at the polls. But that is not all. It has also affected Bill OäReilly. His show was the most popular on Fox News –  he energized the base as well as anyone. And that enabled him to ride out many controversies that would have ended the careers of other less popular news commentators. But not this time.

The story about OäReilly’s long term sexual abuse has touched a raw nerve. That is the same nerve that Trump made raw.  Advertisers felt that and they bolted for the doors. When that happened, it no longer mattered if O’Reilly was popular with the base. It could not be monetized.  O’Reilly was toast.

There is no doubt that segments of the US population that have been relatively passive are now pissed of and energized. They are becoming active That is not in doubt. The only question is when this energy will crest and whether it will change US politics beyond the next election cycle.

I think it will because newly active voters will see tangible results from their activity. They will fight to protect those results.

That will be interesting to watch.


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