Kickstarter as Facilitator

Kickstarter is getting a lot of projects funded that would not have been funded before. That is great in itself, as we get a broaera rray of new stuff that we might not have seen before.

But that is not all that is going on. Kickstarter also opens the door for new types of relationships between folks with ideas, folks who like ideas and want to back the, and users (clients). And this new set of relationships opens up new possibilities as well.

Here is one example. Kickstarter has an insider view of what types of projects are in the pipeline and how people react to those projects. This gives Kickstarter an informed view of which types of projects we might want or need more of. That is just what Kickstarter is doing — advertising for certain types of projects to do Kickstarters. 

And this is just the beginning.  I expect to see a lot more input to the platform from people who WANT certain types of projects. And when it is clear that wants can be filled, this will empower users to demand more and better things.

Facilitation is the future, get with it!


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