Exxon Makes it Clear What Matters to Trump – Money

In case you are in any doubt what is going on in the Trump era, consider this question – why is Rex Tillerson Secretary of State?

Before you answer, keep in mind that Tillerson had no connection to Trump prior to the election. Nor does Tillerson have any experience in government or foreign policy. Nor has Tillerson offered any opinions on how US foreign policy should be conducted.  That is, he is no Brezinski or Kissinger or anything like that. Tillerson’s only experience of note is that he was CEO of Exxon. And of course, he is well liked by Putin for certain services rendered.

Under Tillerson, Exxon did the mother of all oil exploration deals with Russia a few years back. The deal was said to be worth half a trillion dollars.  And that deal was put on ice because of US sanctions against Russia for its Ukrainian adventure and annexation of Crimea. No Exxon profits. No Russian oil extraction. No fun at all!

Now Exxon is applying for an exception to the sanction regime and its former CEO — who engineered that deal — Rex Tillerson is Secretary of State. Rex will not handle the request directly. He has an obvious conflict of interest. But do you think the request will be denied?

Are you so naive? Stay tuned.


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