A Great Story about the Future of Estonia … Coming Up!

I am very, very interested in the future. Not just in the abstract. I am especially interested din the future of Estonia.

We are a tiny country with no huge natural resources to get rich from (like oil, gas, etc.). Nor do we have a huge population that we can exploit (like China). Our future depends entirely on our ability to get the most out of our tiny population. To put people in positions where they can offer huge value added.

This is not the usual model that nations follow. To the contrary, most nations follow a utilitarian model, where the most rewards go to the few who produce. The hell with the rest.

So how would the Estonian model look? One dimension is how we treat young people. How we can give young people the tools that they need to succeed. Not just give them a standard education, but to light a fuse under them to go far in life.

We have a programme in the words to get that game going.  The initial test will come to fruition this May.

I will not say more about it now. But stay tuned! I am very excited!


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