Time for a Reminder: Fascism is for Dummies

Back in the 1920’s a new political ideology started to emerge that we call fascism. What is it? It is a political creed fuses nationalism and totalitarianism. One individual embodies the state.  Not just the state as it is, but the state in its most glorious and fantastic vision. Kings were supposed to do that, but in the 20th century fascist dictators took over that role in certain states.

When fascism first hit the radar screen, some thought this was a great thing. A fascist dictator could make quick decisions. He (there were no female fascist dictators back then) could mobilize the state. Given the failure of leadership that led to the first great war, this seemed attractive.

Hmmm ..  did it work out that way? No. Research shows that dictators were not great decision makers. They were not great strategists. And worse still, they created a vacuum beneath them. Merit advancement got warped.

I mention this because we see a renewed interest in some countries in centralizing power in the hands of an individual. This is really stupid.

As we go forward with this retro-experiment, we might keep that thought in mind.



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