Sixers Dream: Getting Markelle Fultz

It is time to look at the draft. We don’t know yet where the Sixers will pick. that will be determined on May 16. The Draft will then take place on Jun 22.

The Sixers are not likely to pick first. With the fourth worst record in the league, three other teams will get more ping pong balls than them. But what if they do? Or what if they can trade up?

Liberty Ballers says go for Markelle Fultz. They make a strong case that getting Fultz would be the ultimate Sixer dream come true.

Fultz enters draft season as perhaps the most gifted pick and roll ball handler since Kyrie Irving. He sports a tight, slithery handle that allows him to get to his spots on the floor with ease, and he routinely splits double teams. With his shake and creativity, he’s an incredibly difficult driver to bottle up, especially with a two-on-one advantage.

Check out the link for some very cool Fultz videos.

Go for it!


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