Hydrogen Sulfide for Breakfast … Again?!?!

No, it was not my breakfast. It was the breakfast of the 5-foot long shipworm, who digests this stuff all the time.  Errr … and that was not a typo. Wired offers the story of how scientists discovered this beast and figured out how it grew so damned big.!

But, of course, that is not why you clicked on this post. – to learn about 5 foot long shipworms and scientific research about their diets. There was a certain emotion involved in your making that decision.

And that, my friend, is what is driving the web. Would you have clicked if the title was

Headless body in Topless Bar!

Or perhaps

Headless body gropes topless waitress!

Perhaps not. But research suggests that you would have been tempted. And that temptation makes lots of money for certain content producers who drive web traffic.

Read on! errrr … if you dare. !


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